“It is the Mind itself that builds the Body”  

– Joseph Pilates




Pilates to me is a principle of consciousness in movement applicable to every domain of life. Pilates is a form of exercise that works out the entire body through lengthening and strengthening singular muscles. Exercises, both against body weight and resistance, are designed to diminish overcompensation, targeting smaller muscles we have grown disconnected to. The technique requires for a connection between mind and body that teaches how to activate the proper muscles needed.

Pilates has been linked to stretching, injury, toning and core. Due to its biomechanical properties, Pilates focuses on correcting an individual’s proper posture. In doing so, one must go through exercises that lengthen and strengthen appropriate muscles in relation to their posture. Moreover, depending on certain predispositions, overcompensating, injuries or postural habits, certain muscles can be disabled. The technique behind Pilates allows for exercises to target specific muscles at a time, reducing risk of future injury, releases tension by increasing mobility, and relies on core balance to acheive a healthy body. More than the awareness of the inner body that is gained, Pilates works the core of the muscle in isolation, improving performance strength, leaving a lean and tone muscle.

Pilates is an important addition in the day and age of technology and hard work; sitting at desks reinforces the hip flexors, texting causes the slouching, improper posture and dangerous workout routines could cause back pain. Email me to find out how Pilates could benefit you!

I have always been surrounded with conscientiousness towards health. My mom being a Pilates Instructor herself and Osteopath, my dad working with east-asian medicine such as structural integration, ROKU, shiatsu, and acupuncture, I was made very aware of both my inner and outer bodily states. Although growing up i wasn’t very sportive, my posture was constantly being brought to my attention by my parents, subconsciously affecting me. After highschool I studied for my STOTT PILATES certificate in Milan. Through learning and practicing I became aware of the benefits the principles of Pilates were teaching. I became absolutely addicted, and continued to teach upon my return to Canada.

Where to Find Me

You can find me in Ontario Canada GTA area, anywhere from Oakville to Toronto. Contact me for travel rates. 

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